Herbal Cures for High Cholesterol Level

Herbs and other natural products have been around much longer than the standard prescription drugs used today to control high cholesterol.

There are many natural alternatives to treating high cholesterol. This may be especially optimal to patients who are regulating their cholesterol levels with diet and exercise. Natural products reduce cholesterol levels by dissolving fat in the blood.

Alternatives to prescription drugs are being viewed with increasing interest.

The following list includes natural products that have been noted to reduce cholesterol levels through research. All of these natural heart health supplements can be found at TopHealthSpot.com. Make sure to take advantage of our current name brand health coupons and online discount sales at the Native Remedies Heart Health Page.

* B Vitamins, besides niacin, decrease the rate at which LDL is damaged through oxidation.
* Carnitine has been seen to increase HDL levels, therefore decreasing total cholesterol levels.
* Chromium has been seen to reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels.
* Coenzyme Q10 has been noted to reduce total cholesterol serum levels.
* Fiber can be obtained through fiber supplements or through foods such as w

hole grains and vegetables. It is thought that fiber binds to cholesterol in the smallintestine and preventing cholesterol absorption into the bloodstream.
* Garlic has been widely studies for its cholesterol-lowering properties.
* Grape Seed Extract has been noted to reduce total cholesterol serum levels.
* Pantothine has been seen to increase HDL levels, therefore decreasing totalcholesterollevels.
* Red yeast rice contains a natural form of lovastatin. Effective natural product for

cholesterol control. Included in Native Remedies Cholesto-Rite capsules.
* Royal Jelly has been seen to lower cholesterol levels by reducing some of the cholesterol-elevating effects of nicotine.
* Soy has been shown to reduce total cholesterol levels
* Vitamin C has been noted to slightly reduce cholesterol levels.

Natural supplements should be used as a part of an overall program that includes dietary and lifestyle changes as referenced previous.

A Proven, Effective and Natural Aid for Controlling Cholesterol


Native Remedies has a highly effective product called Cholesto-Rite. A proven and safe herbal remedy that controls good and bad cholesterol levels naturally. Cholesto-Rite not only lowers LDL cholesterol, but also increases levels of HDL, the ‘good’ form of cholesterol that helps to remove excessive LDL from the bloodstream and prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Regular use of Cholesto-Rite can help to balance the system and prevent heart disease and stroke, as well as ensure healthy arteries.

You can effectively manage and lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your chances of developing coronary heart disease by following the advice and information prescribed above. This includes healthy lifestyle changes such as following a diet regimen high in low fat, low cholesterol foods, exercise, testing and treatments for managing, reducing and improving cholesterol levels. Remember, having high cholesterol places you at risk for more serious complications so it is vital to take care of your cholesterol levels to take best care of your health.


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