List of high calorie foods vs low calorie snacks

Calories are the basic unit for measuring the energy contained in all foods. Calories are needed to maintain vital body functions. The amount of calories a person needs depends on many factors such as age, gendre, activity level, and  muscle mass.

I’m going to list the  most high calorie foods. Eat them in moderation unless you’re looking to grow fat.

 List of high calorie foods

list of high calorie food


 white flour

 Avoid as much as you can and if you are really serious about your diet, avoid it completely. It has no real nutritional value, just calories. It lines the inside of your intestines, and mixed with liquids inside your stomach, it forms a kind of glue. This “glue” prevents foods to get out of your intestines and also prevents nutrients from being absorbed.

Baked potatoes

this high calorie food is also dangerous and perhaps even more misleading because it is considered by some as “a vegetable.” Starches inside potatoes are full of fat, whether boiled, baked or fried. Other white starches like white rice are also dangerous.

Animal fats (lard, tallow, fish oils) 

You’d better to minimize your intake of animal fats, high in saturated fat and cholesterol, low in all other nutrients. Use animal fats as condiments, Tallow, lard and fish oils are at the top of foods rich in calories providing 902 calories (45% of RDC recommended daily calorie) per 100 gram.Peanut Butter is another high calorie food.100 grams of this butter provides 588 calories (29% of RDC), which is 94 calories per tablespoon.

Vegetable oils (soy, nuts, palm, olive). Purified vegetable fats are not far behind animal fats in the list of high calorie foods . Try to select oils like non hydrogenated rapeseed and olive oils  (and therefore do not contain harmful fats).

Salad dressings  

Usually high in fat and oils, salad dressings suffer from a bad reputation among diet followers who try to lose weight by eating just salad. The amount of calories found in salad dressings depends on the amount of oil and sugar added when they are prepared, The most calorie dressings provide 630 calories per 100 g (26% of RDC), which is equivalent to 88 calories per tablespoon). Other calorie sauce is blue cheese, it is a part of calorie foods that you should avoid if you want to lose weight.

 Finally. make sure you get enough protein,  as this can be easy missed, whether due to oversight or economic reasons, when you eat vegetarian foods. One of the best source of cheap protein is  beans, and there are a variety of ways to prepare them. Raw nuts are also a good source of protein which also contain oils that can help you lose weight or manipulate other physical disorder.

 List of low calorie snacks


list of low calorie foods

When you try to follow a diet or new eating habits, the hunger can be intimidating. You control your calorie intake to manage your weight or if you are on a diet for health reasons, hunger and rumbling stomach is uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Eating foods that make your stomach full is the best way to reject the feeling of hunger. Do not forget to keep snacks in small proportions, you just want to calm your hunger not add more food.Low Calorie Snacks

Snacks with low density

High density foods contain more calories per gram. Low density Foods  contain a low amount of calories per gram. For example, 100 grams of potato chips contain about 535 calories per 100 grams compared to a raw apple that contains 47.5 calories. For the same amount of calories  you can have more than 11 portions of apples compared to chips. This energy density is what keeps your stomach full. low density snacks  means that you are filled with foods filled with water and nutrients, not calories. Foods with a low density include soups, greens, fruits and vegetables..Low Calorie Snacks

Fiber Snacks:

Fiber is another low calorie meals  compared to carbohydrates and processed foods. Snacks rich in fiber regulate sugar levels in blood and hormones in brain . High fiber foods include whole grains, fruits,  vegetables, beans, and lentils.

protein snacks:

Take adequate amount of protein throughout the day is an effective way to fight hunger. Lean protein such as meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables and lentils help you balance your metabolism and keep you feel full longer. Protein is more effective  to keep you satieted for a long time than carbohydrates and lipids.Low Calorie Snacks

Nutty Snacks.

Nuts are one of the most commonly suggested snacks to prolong satiety because of their high protein and fiber. Because of their high density energy  , peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and seeds should be eaten in small amounts. A handful  can be enough to calm hunger between meals.


Yogurt provides several nutrients, including protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. rich in probiotics, it plays a role in our digestive health (it promotes bowel regularity), while strengthening our natural defenses.

The unsweetened apple sauce

Although less rich in  fiber than an apple, apple sauce is a healthy choice, since it is counted as a serving of fruit. Free of fat, artificial flavors and preservatives, this unsweetened snack contains only 50 calories.Low Calorie Snacks

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